All-in-one Websites

Build a resource for patients and a tool for practice growth.

Patients expect exception digital experiences from every business, a demand healthcare practices have struggled to keep up with. Providers know how important a strong website is for growth, but making the necessary updates can feel like a massive undertaking.


Health MadeDaily creates professional websites powered with all the tools you need to improve your digital experience. Built-in Online Patient Intake, SEO services, and add-ons like online appointment scheduling turn your website into a robust digital ecosystem - a resource for patients and a tool for practice growth.

Ready to Launch

For practices looking to launch a powerful website quickly and on a budget.

Pre-made design


Built-in online patient intake

Additional tool add-in

Custom Brand Build

For practices looking to nurture patient experience and build their brand.

Custom, brand-focused design

Content-first Methodology

SEO & content writing services

Built-in Online Patient Intake

Additional tool add-in


Online Patient Intake Forms

Built-in online patient intake forms streamline your new patient registration. Send forms directly to your patients’ emails and view responses securely from a cloud-based, HIPAA compliant portal.


- Form Builder: use industry standards or customize your own

- Cloud-based: send and view forms securely anytime, anywhere

- Mobile-friendly: designed to be completed on any device

Effortless Updating

Making updates to your site on your own is effortless. No technical experience required - we’ll show how to make changes and if you need us, we’ll always be there for support.


- Intuitive Design Tools: drag and drop elements where you want them

- Visual Editor: change text or image styles without the need to code

- Custom Forms: update forms and registration sequences seamlessly

Built-in Maintenance & SEO

Trickier updates and SEO is provided for you. While you focus on your patients, we’ll make sure your website is working smoothly and ranking on all search engines.


- Page Indexing: every page has unique meta-data to help it rank

- Load Speed: pages load quickly to keep patients engaged

- Responsive Layout: all pages are 100% responsive and look great on every device

Let's chat!

Please reach out with any questions you might have. That could be helping you improve online patient registration, secure online forms, or a marketing strategy.

We welcome questions and feedback: info@madedaily.com

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